‘Pouting and always powerful’: Kareena Kapoor Khan aces stretches with effortless ease

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Kareena Kapoor Khan sure knows how to set fitness goals. In keeping with the same, the mother-of-two was recently spotted challenging her flexibility further by going “deeper” into her yoga practice with the use of a yoga wheel.

“Pouting and always powerful with the wheel. @kareenakapoorkhan, acing her stretches with such ease. Using the yoga wheel helps to go deeper into asanas, maintain better balance and improve flexibility,” Kareena’s yoga trainer Anshuka Parwani captioned a post on Instagram.

In the video post, the Laal Singh Chaddha actor can be seen doing ‘Padangusthasana’ with the wheel. Take a look.

Kareena Kapoor Kareena Kapoor Khan can be seen using a yoga wheel (Source: Anshuka Parwani/Instagram Stories)

A standing posture of Ashtanga yoga, Padangusthasana or the Standing Hand To Big Toe Pose is an excellent asana to make your body flexible, stronger, and improve its balance, say experts. The hip opening asana is also known to help provide more flexibility to the hamstrings.

Using a wheel to support the practice, like Kareena, can help you with balance and go deeper into the practice to make the body more flexible, said Ira Trivedi, a yoga trainer.

The wheel — a hollow, circular-shaped prop that can be used for stretching and releasing the muscles of the back, neck and shoulder — was invented in 1978.

How to do the pose with a wheel?

*Stand upright and hold the yoga wheel.
*Place the bottom of your foot inside the hollow wheel, and extend the same leg outward until you find your balance.
*When ready, straighten the leg, while maintaining tension.
*Feel the hamstrings open up.


Previously, Parwani had shared a post on the numerous benefits of using a yoga wheel.

*It helps in performing stretches that can otherwise be challenging.

*It can help you stay upright during asanas, and lend support to your body. This helps prevent injuries.

*Using the yoga wheel helps increase flexibility steadily and avoids chances of injury.

*It helps to relieve aches in the muscles, makes them stronger and helps to maintain a better posture.

Previously, Kareena was seen doing the side plank-tree pose variation.

“This one is really challenging, but not impossible to achieve with the right direction and practice. Balance, breath, concentration and focus — keep these words in mind and you can never go wrong with your yoga asanas,” said Parwani on the variation.

She further mentioned that one needs to be consistent. “The key is to practice, and watch the magic!” she added

In another video, the actor could be seen doing Natarajasana or Lord of Dance pose, and Virbhadrasana or warrior poses with ease.

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