‘Kidney buddies for life!’: Stranger steps in to save man’s life. Video melts hearts online

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Compassion and selfless acts can save lives. During trying times, strangers often step in as saviours. One such stranger has earned plaudits online as he donated a kidney to a man who desperately needed it.

A heart-warming clip featuring the man being introduced to his kidney donor has been doing the rounds on social media. The clip, initially shared by Instagram user Renee Pizar Reeves, shows the man standing in front of an audience and a woman is seen addressing the audience. She introduces another man and says that he has something for the man who needs a kidney.

“A special guest who would like to present something to you today. Mr Reeves was an SRO here on up here at Mcintosh High School quite some time ago. His son Landen is in the audience. You may remember Landen and he has something for you,” she says.

Reeves hands over a paper to him and after reading it, he breaks into tears and Reeves gives him a warm hug. Cheering up the audience, Reeves shows a T-shirt with the imprint, “Kidney buddies for life”. Reeves adds, “I’ve told many people I always want to get back to Macintosh.”

The text insert in the clip reads, “Make sure you grab your Kleenex for this one.” Sharing the clip on Twitter, Good News Correspondent tweeted, “’I’m your perfect match!’: Man desperately needed a kidney to save his life. A stranger stepped up to offer one of his. As the shirt says: ‘Kidney buddies for life!’”

Since being shared Thursday by Good News Movement, it has garnered more than 23,000 views on Twitter. The stranger’s generosity deeply moved netizens and praises poured in the comments section.

A user commented, “This made me cry happy tears !! There are still awesome humans out there!!” Another user wrote, “I’d hug both of them. Beautiful.” A third user commented, “Incredible generosity in this life is everywhere!”

In October this year, a woman donated a kidney to her husband who underwent 98 dialysis sessions in Kerala’s Ernakulam. A viral Twitter thread posted by user Leo demonstrated the donation. At almost 70 years of age, Leop’s father and mother became one of the oldest kidney donor and recipient. The couple had won praise online for the love and strong bond they share.