Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree

Whether you’re looking to get started in the working world, or want to get a head start on a higher paying job, there are plenty of great jobs to consider. Some of the highest paying jobs without a degree include working in the healthcare industry, in real estate, and even as a Web developer.

Dental hygienists
Whether you’re interested in getting a career started, or you’re already in the workforce, dental hygienists can help you boost your earning potential and increase your standard of living. Depending on where you live, your salary may vary significantly. However, the average dental hygienist salary in the U.S. is around $73,000 a year.

If you’re a dental hygienist who wants to earn more money, you may need to earn a bachelor’s degree. Fortunately, many schools offer fully online bachelor’s degrees in dental hygiene. These programs are also affordable. You can take classes from home and avoid the hassle of commuting to campus.

During your studies, you’ll learn about oral health education, pathology, and patient management. Depending on the program, you may also take courses in math, science, and other subjects. You’ll also be required to pass both a written and practical exam.

Web developer
Among other things, web developers are responsible for designing and programming a website. They do this by using a variety of tools, languages, and platforms. They can specialize in backend development, frontend development, or full stack development.

The industry is rapidly expanding and is expected to continue to grow for at least the next decade. In addition, it is one of the top paying professions in the country.

The Internet is an excellent resource for learning about web development, as well as the latest in technology. Taking a coding bootcamp is a good way to start. Many of these programs offer free introductory courses to help you get a jump on your training.

A certification or a diploma can demonstrate your knowledge and skills. Some employers also offer tuition reimbursement to help you pay for your education. The right certification can make you stand out from the crowd, thereby increasing your chances of landing a good job.

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Strength and conditioning coach
Having a job as a strength and conditioning coach is a competitive career option. The responsibilities of the job are varied and range from teaching athletes to maintain athletic equipment to designing custom fitness programs. A strength and conditioning coach is a leader who inspires and motivates athletes to reach their potential.

Strength and conditioning coaches work with both individual athletes and team sports. They apply scientific principles to improve performance and help prevent injuries. They may work for professional sports teams or private sports organizations.

The most important skill of a strength and conditioning coach is giving his or her clients confidence. This includes promoting self-esteem, encouraging athletic success, and preventing injury. It is also important to have first aid certification.

Another key skill to possess is public speaking. It is a good way to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise within the field. This can help you separate yourself from the competition.

Brokering real-estate transactions
Whether you are a prospective real estate broker or a current one, you should take the time to learn about the legal requirements of operating a brokerage. It is important to know the laws that govern your practice so that you can make an informed decision about the steps you need to take to get your license.

To obtain your broker’s license, you must pass a state examination. You will also need to have a criminal background check completed. You may also be required to complete a work experience of two years before you can apply for your broker’s license.

Brokers can earn commissions on sales. They can also purchase an ownership stake in title companies that are required in closing real estate transactions in most states.

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